Communication inverter power selection?
Communication inverter power selection?

Communication inverter power selection?

Today, with the vigorous development of the communication industry, the competition in the communication power supply manufacturing industry has intensified. In addition to some key enterprises, there are also some small and medium-sized manufacturers whose products have also entered the market. The focus of competition is still price. Some people often confuse low price with cost performance, and there is inevitably a quality problem behind it. The following aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a communication power supply.

(1) Quality and service
Generally speaking, most regular manufacturers have passed the ISO9000 certification, and strict quality and control procedures have been established in product development and production. However, the service of regular manufacturers is also uneven. Although some manufacturers have a very good service attitude, due to the poor quality of the products, there are continuous failures, which is also what users do not want. Therefore, both quality and service must be available.
(2) The comprehensive index of the product is better
It is not difficult to make one or two indicators of the product good. If all the indicators are good, it is inseparable from excellent circuit design ideas and components, quality assurance of components, and good process and process control. The comprehensive index is of great significance to ensure the normal operation of the communication circuit.

(3) Product price
The price of the power supply has always been a topic that people feel very sensitive about. In the concept of "cost-effectiveness", don't think that low price means good "cost-effectiveness". In order to ensure a good comprehensive index for high-quality products, select high-quality components and adopt sophisticated technology, the production cost must not be lower than that of low-end products, and the comprehensive factors of performance and price are the correct positioning for judging products. The purpose of users using power supply equipment is to provide power and protection for communication equipment and networks, especially in important links and information centers, power supply failure will cause irreparable losses and adverse effects, it is recommended to consider comprehensively when purchasing power supply products, and choose carefully .

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