How should AC inverter be maintained?
How should AC inverter be maintained?

Ac inverter consists of a variety of components, some of which will gradually reduce their performance and aging after long-term work, which is also the main reason for the failure of the frequency converter. In order to ensure the long-term normal operation of the equipment, the following components should be replaced regularly:

How should AC inverter be maintained

  1. Filter capacitor intermediate circuit filter capacitor: also known as electrolytic capacitor, its main role is to smooth the DC voltage, absorb low-frequency harmonics in DC, its continuous work and the heat generated by the AC inverter itself will speed up the drying of its electrolyte, directly affecting the size of its capacity. The normal service life of AC inverter capacitor is 5 years. It is recommended to check the capacity of the capacitor once a year. Replace the capacitor if the capacity is reduced by more than 20%.

2 cooling fan AC inverter power module is the most serious heating device, the heat generated by its continuous work must be discharged in time, the general life of the fan is about 10KH-40kh. According to the AC inverter continuous operation is converted to 2-3 years to replace a fan.

The direct cooling fan is divided into two lines and three lines, one line of the two line fan is positive, the other line is negative, do not connect wrong when replacing; In addition to the positive and negative terminals, the three-wire fan also has a detection line. Please pay attention to it when replacing it, otherwise it will cause the overheating alarm of the AC inverter. Generally, AC fans are divided into 220V and 380V. Do not mistake the voltage level when replacing them. Use and maintenance of three-phase AC inverter

  1. Clean the air filter cooling duct and internal dust. Check whether the screws, bolts and plug-ins are loose, and whether there is short circuit in the ground and phase resistance of the input and output reactors, which should be more than tens of megohm normally. Conductors and insulators are corroded. If so, clean them with alcohol in time.

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