Modular rectifier system

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A power inverter or inverter is a type of converts DC to AC inverter. It converts DC power supply from a battery to conventional AC power. You can use it to power a variety of devices, including lights, microwaves, and power tools, as well as radios, radios, computers, and televisions. Connect the inverter and the AC device to the battery. That way, you'll have power whenever and wherever you need it. Inverter features. 1.High efficiency and fast start. 2.The inverter is safe and reliable, with overload, short circuit, overvoltage or undervoltage protection. 3.Inverter has excellent physical properties. Use aluminum casing for heat dissipation. The surface of the inverter has been hard anodized. Therefore, the inverter is very resistant to friction. 4.The inverter is highly adaptable and stable.
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