1KW-10KW Home 12v inverter pv solar inverter to ac single phase ac single phase inverter
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Telecom DC 48V 10000 Watt inverter 10KVA is a new generation of dual input inverter solution designed for the field of communication applications, which is suitable for the high reliability of the communication system. The solution is equipped with a 110V/220V/230V AC power supply and a 110V DC power supply, which fills the gap between the traditional UPS power supply and common 2400W pure sine wave inverter solutions.

  • 12/220-1000MW
  • 12/220-2000MW
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Panel LCD display graphical representation instruction
1.1LCD display and function keys interface can display the equipment working status, such as: input/output voltage, frequency, grid mode, inverter mode, battery capacity, load capacity, alarm warning etc.

The horizontal small pure sine wave inverter outputs a sine wave alternating current, which is the same as or even better than the grid we use daily. in short. Pure sine wave inverters can provide high-quality AC and efficiency. High-stability pure sine wave output, high-frequency technology, small size, easy to carry, can drive most loads (such as household air conditioners, refrigerators, soymilk and other inductive load appliances) without interference

Guide ①-- Fan ②-- AC input/output termianl ③--AC input/output fuse holder ④--RS232 communication interface(optional function) ⑤--Battery terminal negative input terminal ⑥-- Battery terminal positive terminal ⑦-- Earth terminal



1. Telecom station/base/ Cable Equipment
2. Communication Station.
3. Computer data center
4. SCADA Networks and Data Equipment
5. Phone /cell base
6. Radio Base stations/ Cell Sites
7. Monitoring center room
8.City WIFI device
9. Emergency communication car
10. Railway & metro
11. Distributed Antenna Systems
12. Marine & offshore
13. Building Management Systems
14. Fire Alarm Systems
15. power utilities System Control /field
16. power plant/station
17.Power monitoring system
18.Solar power system
19.Wind energy system

Product Advantages

Double CPU intelligent control technology, excellent performance
● The grid mode/energy-saving mode/battery mode could be set, application flexible
● Charge current/battery type could be set, convenient and practical
● Intelligent fan control, safe and reliable
● Pure sine wave AC output, and be adapt to all kinds of loads;
● LCD display equipment parameter in real-time, operation status be clear at a glance
● Output overload, short circuit protection, various of automatic protection and alarm warning;

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