High precision DC 48V TO AC 110V 1-6kva pure sine wave inverter

The solution is equipped with 1110V AC power supply and 48V DC power Input , which fills the gap between the traditional dc inverter power supply and common pure sine wave inverter solutions.

  • 48/110-1KVA
  • 48/110-2KVA
  • 48/110-3KVA
  • 48/110-4KVA
  • 48/110-5KVA
  • 48/110-1KVA
  • 48/110-6KVA
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High precision DC 48V TO AC 110V 1-6kva pure sine wave inverter

Product name
China Manufacturer High precision DC 48V TO AC 110V inverter 800w 1600w 2400w 3200w 4000w 4800w inverter
4800w inverter sine wave inverter
sine wave inverter
1-6kw pure sine wave inverter

Inverter power supply This product adopts CPU to implement full digital control for each power conversion link of the inverter power supply. The system has a built-in high-power fan design, which greatly improves system reliability. Multiple SPWM and MCU control technologies provide precise control and isolation of input and output. , Output soft start, can be connected to a variety of options: SNMP network communication card, TCP-IP protocol box, etc., is the first choice for high-frequency pure sine wave inverters in the communication and power industries


Features of the product:
▶ The inverter has an ultra-wide input voltage and frequency range, and the grid adaptability is strong;
▶ The inverter's super load adaptability and output overload and short-circuit capability;
▶ When the harmonic filter is connected, the input power factor can be as high as 0.95, and the input harmonic current is less than 4.5%;
▶ The output power factor is as high as 0.85, which is 12% stronger than the load capacity of the traditional inverter power supply;
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