This section describes how to install the inverter
This section describes how to install the inverter

Inverter power can make the motor run as a generator, the kinetic energy of the motor into electric energy, back to the grid, in a word, it has a great function, can complete the super isolation of power output, is now a very popular power supply.

This section describes how to install the inverter

  1. Installation and use method

1, first put the converter switch in the off state, and then insert the car cigarette lighter jack, ensure that the plug in place and good contact.


  1. Confirm that the power of all electrical appliances is below the nominal power, insert the 220V plug of the electrical appliance directly into the 220V socket at one end of the converter, and ensure that the sum of the power of all connected electrical appliances in the two sockets is within the nominal power.

3, open the switch of the converter, there are two indicators, the green indicator is on, it means that the work is normal, and the red indicator is on, it means that because of overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overtemperature, resulting in the converter off.

  1. In many cases, due to the limited output of the vehicle cigarette lighter jack, the converter will alarm or be turned off during normal use. At this time, as long as the vehicle is started or the electric power is reduced, it can be restored to normal.

Advantages of inverter power supply:

  1. Short dynamic response time and improved control speed. This is a very important advantage. The control cycle of the conventional thyrist arc welding power supply is 3.3ms, while the dynamic response time of the inverter arc welding power supply reaches the level of hundreds of microseconds, which is equivalent to the time constant of the physical process of arc welding. Therefore, various physical phenomena in arc welding can be controlled with higher quality. The dynamic control of welding power supply becomes possible.
  2. Enhanced control ability and significantly improved process performance. Control ability is closely related to control speed and control means. The control characteristics of arc welding power supply have experienced many processes such as uncontrollability, average value control, real-time control and intelligent control. The control ability directly reflects the power supply's ability to adapt to welding conditions and welding requirements. The enhancement of power control ability mainly depends on the increase of device speed, the application of microcomputer and the application of modern control theory and method.



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