What is the DC power supply system of the State Grid base station?
What is the DC power supply system of the State Grid base station?

State Grid is a huge data network structure, in which each link is particularly important. So how does the power supply station of the power grid work and what is it composed of? Let us understand next?

The DC power supply system of the communication bureau station is mainly composed of rectifier, DC power distribution panel (cabinet), and battery pack as required to form a DC power supply system.

The DC output voltage is mainly -48V, only some long-distance optical cable relay stations and a few imported mobile communication base stations also use -24V power supply. The DC output current ranges from 100 A to several thousand amperes. The mobile communication base station is generally 100~300 A, and the larger local office generally needs several thousand amperes. In order to ensure the reliability of communication and avoid the total interruption of communication due to power failure, adopting the DC distributed power supply system is one of the effective measures to improve the reliability of communication. Multiple switching rectifiers are connected in parallel on the rack to form a rectifier cabinet (screen), and then a set of DC power system is composed of an AC power distribution cabinet (screen), a DC power distribution cabinet (screen), a rectifier cabinet and a battery pack as part of the communication equipment Power supply, and other parts are powered by another set or several sets of DC power supply systems, so as to realize DC distributed power supply and ensure that communication will never be interrupted.

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