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Telecom Inverter, Rectifier System, Pure Sine Wave Inverter, MPPT Controller, DC to DC Converter
Our History

Bwitt is the world's leading provider of rack-mounted telecom inverters and modular DC power rectifier system factories. Bwitt solutions include a complete series of telecom inverters, high-efficiency rectifiers and DC power systems for mission-critical applications.

With more than 20 years of OEM experience to support customers in more than 60 countries/regions, BWITT has established complete Quality Control System, we have control to the materials serious , SMT, Assembling, Aging test, quality inspection, and packing;

Production Equipment

Aging test equipment、DC power supply test cabinet、DIP Welding equipment

Our Certificate


Product Application
Are mainly used in the telecommunication service center, Railway Control Center ,internet/data exchange center, industrial automation, automated office, DC screen/cabinet, etc.
  1. 1.Telecom station/base/ Cable Equipment
    2. Communication Station.
    3. Computer data center
    4. SCADA Networks and Data Equipment
    5. Phone /cell base
    6. Radio Base stations/ Cell Sites
    7. Monitoring center room
    8. WIFI device
    9. Emergency communication car
  1. 1.power utilities System Control /field
    2. power plant/station
    3. Power monitoring system
    4. rectifier cubicle
  1. 1.Solar power system
    2.Wind energy system

Telecom station/base

Computer data center

power plant/station

Steel factory


Solar power system

Wind energy system

WIFI device

Cooperation Case

Important service

The service period two years, the annual retreat, two-year package provides technical support.

Our service

Pre-sale: Support customization, you can customize the requirements for large customers, design drawings do not enter the public market. The factory has a special engineer to combat the electrical schematic for the project order design model.
Sales: Contact, factory response, sales supervision process, guarantee all customer requirements to be seen
After-sales: old company, technician over 10 years of industry experience.

Customer collaboration
The product has certain influences in the domestic power market, applied to railway rail transit, data machine room reserve power supply, etc., and China Tower, Southern Power Grid, China Telecom has cooperated with major operators.
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