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If you have questions on “BWITT” products, please read the FAQ first. If the listed answers still cannot solve your problems, please contact our local distributors , they should reply to you as soon as received your request.

As a dedicated manufacturer of standard power supplies, BWITT power provides Specialized in high frequency of power supplies to meet different demands from the markets. However, selecting the right products relies heavily on the correct electrical characteristics and specification, we listed the frequently asked questions for your reference.

> Functionality Aspect

A:Yes, BWITT power could be suitable for battery charging usage. In this application, please remember to add external ORingFET on the output side of the PSU to protect the power supply.

A:Yes, BWITT power supports built-in TCP/IP communication to realize
remote network monitoring and management of the inverter power

A:RS485 is a communication interface, provided with completely independent RS232 and RS485 communication interfaces, and supports real-time data communication function, and can use the monitoring software to monitor
and control the working condition of the inverter power supply in a real-time
manner. supply.(Optional)

A:Of course, the BWITT power supply supports a maximum temperature of -20℃~60℃, and the stable operation is unchanged. If you configure air conditioning cooling in a high temperature environment, the product life will be increased

A:Currently not supported, because the height problem will affect the operation of the inverter and fail. Haibo ≥ 2000 meters, the inverter will fail and not work

A:Super overload capacity, can withstand full load startup, with bypass switch, can switch to bypass power supply when overloaded

A:Yes, BWITT power supply products support AC main power supply and DC main power supply, 2 modes can be selected flexibly, and the mode can be changed through the LCD panel or the communication background software

A: Check whether the positive and negative poles are reversed, and reconnect after confirming. If it cannot be turned on, please return the power supply back to BWITT for inspection & repairing

A:Input under-voltage protection, anti-DC input reverse connection, buffer protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, temperature-controlled fan, etc.

> Product Aspect

A: The product information shown on BWITT website is as below.
1. Specification
Details of product features, electrical specification, function, and mechanical specification can be found in the specification page.
2. Test report
The report content includes design verify test, safety & EMC test, and reliability test, ensuring the user safe through inspection,
3. Certificate
The certificate from accredited certification body is provided for customers’ reference.
4. User manual
User manual provides detailed product instruction and considerations.

A: BWITT power supports customization of non-conventional models, such as 28v, 40v, 96v, 340v and other non-standard models. bwitt to meet your exact requirements. Nearly half of our business is custom, using our own products and world-leading products as the basis for solutions.

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