Bwitt 4KW Solar System Inverter 50A 12/24/36V/48V Auto work Solar Charge Controller on off grid electric power inverter
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The4KW Solar System Inverter controller charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance. Self-diagnostics and electronic error protections prevent damage when installation mistakes or system faults occur. The controller also features four adjustable setting switches, RS485/RS232/Ethernet communication port (GPRS/DAU Optional) and terminal for remote battery temperature measurement.

  • 12/24/36V/48V-40A
  • 12/24/36V/48V-30A-H
  • 12/24/36V/48V-40A-H
  • 12/24/36V/48V-50A-L
  • 12/24/36V/48V-50A
  • 12/24/36V/48V-60A
  • 12/24/36V/48V-70A
  • 12/24/36V/48V-80A
  • 12/24/36V/48V-90A
  • 12/24/36V/48V-100A
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Bwitt 4KW Solar System Inverter 50A 12/24/36V/48V Auto work Solar Charge Controller on off grid electric power inverter


1.Heat sink Aluminum heat sink to dissipate controller Heat
2.Mounting hole Keyhole slot for mounting
3.Setting Switches Four setting switches to configure operation of the MPPT controller
4.Solar Positive Terminal Power connection for Solar(+) Solar Negative Terminal Power connection for solar(-)
5.Battery Positive Terminal Power connection for battery(+) Battery Negative Terminal Power connection for battery(-)
6.DC Load output
7.LCD screen Indicate the operating status

8.LED indicators LED indicators show charging status and controller faults
9.Wiring Box cover Sheet metal wiring box cover protect power connections
10.RS-485/232Port Terminal for RS-485/232 communication
11.Ethernet Port Terminal for Ethernet communication
12.Battery temperature Sensor Terminal for battery temperature detect and provide compensation




1. Telecom station/base/ Cable Equipment
2. Communication Station.
3. Computer data center
4. SCADA Networks and Data Equipment
5. Phone /cell base
6. Radio Base stations/ Cell Sites
7. Monitoring center room
8.City WIFI device
9. Emergency communication car
10. Railway & metro
11. Distributed Antenna Systems
12. Marine & offshore
13. Building Management Systems
14. Fire Alarm Systems
15. power utilities System Control /field
16. power plant/station
17.Power monitoring system
18.Solar power system
19.Wind energy system

Product Advantages

1.12V/24V Auto work, parallel design
2.Multi-stage charging optimizes battery performance
3.MPPT efficiency >99.5%, Peak conversion efficiency 97.5% Wide range Solar PV voltage input 18V~100Vdc
4.Compatible with Gel. AGM.Flooded. Sealed lead acid and Lithium battery Multi-function LCD+LED display, 5.System information intuitively Comprehensive protection
6.Excellent heatsink cooling design, quiet operation Comfortable installation and commissioning
7.Plastic Casing, Economic design to save system cost

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