Single-phase Bwitt 48v to AC220v 1000w pure sine wave inverter 1000w inverter with snmp
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Telecom 48v 1000w pure sine wave inverter is a new generation of dual input inverter solution designed for the field of communication applications, which is suitable for the high reliability of the communication system. The solution is equipped with a 110V/220V/230V AC power supply and a 110V DC power supply, which fills the gap between the traditional UPS power supply and common 2400W pure sine wave inverter solutions.

  • 48/220v-1kva
  • 48/220v-2kva
  • 48/220v-3kva
  • 48/220v-4kva
  • 48/220v-5kva
  • 48/220v-6kva
  • 48/220v-8kva
  • 48/220v-10kva
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It uses a novel design structure that helps users to provide clean, stable and durable AC power for critical loads, and has the same high reliability as the DC power supply system. The design characteristics of the dedicated communication 2400W pure sine wave inverter ensure the seamless conversion between the AC and DC power supply, almost no conversion delay, and no need to use the static switch.

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