48Vdc &220Vdc Modular parallel inverter Without Battery Pure Sine Wave Inverter 3kw Modular Inverter
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BWT-DT1500 serial 48Vdc &220Vdc modular parallel connection inverter is an inversion device that converts 48V dc/220Vdc power supplied by communication DC power supply into 220V/50Hz sinusoidal AC power. It is designed with complete isolation of input and output, and allows hot plugging and parallel connection redundancy. With small size and convenient parallel connection, it is a product specially designed for users with high requirements for power supply reliability and maintainability.

  • 48/220V-1kva
  • 48/220V-2kva
  • 48/220V-3kva
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48Vdc &220Vdc Modular parallel inverter Without Battery Pure Sine Wave Inverter 3kw Modular Inverter


Modular Inverter

Through conversion on the input DC power, the Pure Sine inverter offers users stable and Non-distorted AC power. In case of a power failure in business places, it offers key devices the power of flexible output voltage and frequency.


1. Telecom station/base/ Cable Equipment
2. Communication Station.
3. Computer data center
4. SCADA Networks and Data Equipment
5. Phone /cell base
6. Radio Base stations/ Cell Sites
7. Monitoring center room
8.City WIFI device
9. Emergency communication car
10. Railway & metro
11. Distributed Antenna Systems
12. Marine & offshore
13. Building Management Systems
14. Fire Alarm Systems
15. power utilities System Control /field
16. power plant/station
17.Power monitoring system
18.Solar power system
19.Wind energy system

Product Advantages

◆Digital control: It adopts 32-bit DSP full digital and high-frequency SPWM technology, featuring strong anti-interference ability, fast calculation speed, high intelligence, accurate control precision and pure output waveform.
◆N+1 parallel redundant design: It can form an N+1 parallel redundant power supply system. The modules are backup each other, with high reliability and flexible configuration.
◆No master-slave parallel technology: The operation and parallel connection of each module are independently controlled by the built-in DSP, no single point of failure, independent flow between modules.
◆With hot plugging: no need to do any parameter setting and operation, plug and play, the module automatically enters the normal working state, maintenance and replacement is simple and fast.
◆ Module built-in bypass: Users can choose inverter priority or bypass priority.
◆Monitoring management: indicator panel, fault sound and light alarm, RS485 communication interface and fault dry contact.
◆Protection function: It has the functions of input over-voltage, output over-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit and so on.
◆High power density: 1/2 19〞 width design, the volume is only half the width of the conventional inverter, saving space and convenient parallel.

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