How to solve the inverter interference?
How to solve the inverter interference?

In daily work, the interference problem of inverter power supply has always been very troublesome, and when the interference is serious, the control system may even be unavailable. So, what I want to talk to you about today is how to solve the problem of frequency interference.

How to solve the inverter interference easily?
Common frequency conversion interference phenomenon:
1. When the inverter power supply is turned on, the pressure transmitter jumps in a mess;
2. Use the inverter power supply to control the water supply, as a signal for collecting pressure, the pressure variable is disturbed by the inverter power supply;

3. When the transformer starts the motor, the pressure transformer signal is unstable and the beating is strong;
4. After the inverter power supply starts, the voltage (4-20mA) jumps, but the nearby integrated thermal resistance (4-20mA) is not affected, and the signal line is not shielded;
These phenomena occur because of interference from the inverter.

How to solve the problem of interference?

1. The inverter power supply should be grounded at a single point, and short and thick threads should be selected for grounding;
2. The signal line of the sensor uses a shielded cable, and the shielding layer is grounded with a cable clamp.
3. Add a power filter, filter magnetic ring or isolation to the power supply of the sensor.
4. Suppression processing of harmonics generated by inverter power supply. The optional filter products are: inverter power input filter, inverter power output filter, inverter power input reactor, inverter power output power, etc. Connecting antibodies in series in the input circuit is an effective way to suppress low-order harmonic currents.
In addition, in order to prevent the interference signal and control circuit of the inverter power supply, the controller, instrumentation and industrial control machine are required to use a separate isolated power supply.
In fact, the simple method on site is: keep away from the instrument and away from the inverter! However, it is not necessary to eliminate interference, and the method still needs to be tried one by one.
The above is how to solve the "inverter power supply" inverter interference, and all the contents of single-point grounding should be adopted. Thank you for your browsing, you can bookmark the official website of BWITT Power Company.

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