How to use the “static switch” sts switch?
How to use the “static switch” sts switch?

How to use the "static switch" sts switch?

Static transfer switching operations occur based on the start-up and transfer process. The initiation process is the process of determining that a transfer needs to take place. The event may include loss of mains power or inconsistent mains voltage. Transfer is the process of transferring load from a second or backup power source and vice versa.
How to use sts transfer switch
Automatic: In automatic mode, the transfer switch controller manages the entire process, and when the controller detects the loss of mains power, start-up begins. The controller monitors the supply voltage and sends a run command to the generator when the voltage falls below a preset limit for a specified time. The controller also monitors the secondary supply voltage and frequency, and when these values ​​are within acceptable ranges, the switch transfers the load from the primary supply to the secondary supply.

The switch can automatically transfer the load back to the mains when the mains is re-established within a specified time to ensure stability. As defined by the NEC, most critical and life safety loads need to operate automatically.

Non-automatic: In the non-automatic mode, the transfer switch is manually activated by the operator, and then the internal device within the switchgear operates the transfer switch by electric operation. The operator has the ability to decide when to initiate load transfer, but the actual transfer operation is electric.
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Manual: In manual mode, the whole process is done manually by the operator. Typically there is no controller, voltage sensing device or electrical mechanism to operate the load transfer. Manual switches are the most basic type of transfer switch and are common in non-critical facilities or applications.

The above is how the "static switch" sts transfer switch is used, based on the relevant content of the startup and transfer process. Thank you for reading, you can pay attention to BWITT enterprises

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