Inverter wiring skills
Inverter wiring skills

What is the wiring method of the inverter?

The inverter wiring steps are as follows
First of all, pay attention to the working voltage of the inverter, whether it is 12v, 24v or 48v, and select the corresponding battery voltage;
The second is to pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery, and do not connect them incorrectly;
The third is to pay attention to the connected load and not exceed the rated power of the inverter itself.

Wiring method of load inverter
The car inverter (power converter, Power Inverter) is a kind of DC12V direct current that can be converted into AC220V alternating current that is the same as the mains, and is used for general electrical appliances. It is a convenient car power converter. Vehicle power inverters are generally welcomed in foreign markets. Due to the high penetration rate of foreign cars, inverters can be used to connect battery-driven appliances and various tools when going out for work or travel. After China's accession to the WTO, there are more and more private cars in the domestic market. Therefore, as a mobile DC-AC converter, the vehicle inverter power supply will bring a lot of convenience to your life, and it is a regular automotive electronic accessory.

To ensure safety, it is recommended that when using a high-power inverter, clamp the grounding wire clamp to some metal connected to the wall or ground to avoid leakage or static electricity.

1. Place the converter on a flat place and make sure the switch is off.

2. Connect the red and black wires to the red and black terminals of the converter respectively, and clip them to the positive and negative poles of the battery with clips (the red wire clamps the positive pole of the battery, and the black wire clamps the negative pole). If you use a cigarette lighter plug, simply insert the plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

3. Insert the power plug of the appliance into an AC outlet.

4. Turn on the converter switch to use it.

When the knife switch is closed up, use the mains power; when the knife switch is closed down, use your substation power supply.

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