Repair of inverter alarm failure
Repair of inverter alarm failure

The inverter product is mainly composed of an inverter bridge, control logic, and various circuits. The inverter has a wide range of uses. It is mainly used in some production fields such as air conditioners, home theaters, and power tools. middle.

The repair of inverter alarm faults needs to be dealt with according to specific problems. The following are some common methods for handling inverter alarm faults:

1. The lightning protector is damaged: Check whether the lightning protector of the inverter is normal. If it is damaged, replace the lightning protector.

2. The DC side voltage is too high or too low: Check whether the DC voltage output by the inverter is within the normal range. If it is too high or too low, it may be a problem with the battery or components, which need to be replaced or repaired.

3. Overtemperature protection: Check whether the inverter's heat dissipation is normal. If it is overheated, you need to clean the radiator or change the environment in which the inverter is located.

4. Output short circuit: Check whether there is a short circuit in the inverter output and eliminate the short circuit problem if necessary.

5. Communication failure: Check whether the communication between the inverter and the monitoring system is normal. If a problem occurs, you need to reconnect or repair the communication failure.

If the above methods cannot solve the inverter alarm fault, it is recommended to contact professional inverter maintenance personnel or after-sales service department for help.

Common inverter faults and solutions

1. Low insulation resistance: use the elimination method. Unplug all the strings on the input side of the inverter, and then connect them one by one. Use the function of detecting insulation impedance when the inverter is turned on to detect the problem string. After finding the problem string, focus on checking whether the DC connector has a water-immersed short-circuit bracket. Or melt the short-circuit bracket. In addition, you can also check whether the component itself has black spots on the edge and is burned, causing the component to leak through the frame to the ground grid.

2. Low bus voltage: If it occurs in the morning/late hours, it is a normal problem because the inverter is trying extreme power generation conditions. If it occurs during normal daytime, the detection method is still the elimination method, and the detection method is the same as item 1.

3. Leakage current fault: The root cause of this type of problem is the installation quality problem, which is caused by choosing the wrong installation location and low-quality equipment. There are many fault points: low-quality DC connectors, low-quality components, unqualified component installation heights, low-quality grid-connected equipment or water leakage. Once similar problems occur, you can find out the fault points by spraying powder and correct them. Good insulation work can solve the problem. If the problem is caused by the material itself, the material can only be replaced.

4. DC overvoltage protection: As components pursue high-efficiency process improvements, power levels are constantly updated and rising. At the same time, component open circuit voltage and operating voltage are also rising. The temperature coefficient issue must be considered in the design stage to avoid overvoltage at low temperatures that may cause equipment hardness. damage.

5. The inverter does not respond when it is turned on: Please ensure that the DC input line is not connected reversely. Generally, the DC connector has an anti-fooling effect, but the crimping terminals do not have an anti-fooling effect. Carefully read the inverter manual to ensure that the positive and negative poles are connected before crimping. very important. The inverter has built-in reverse connection short-circuit protection and will start normally after restoring normal wiring.

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