A brief analysis of energy storage electrical rack-mounted UPS
A brief analysis of energy storage electrical rack-mounted UPS

Technical characteristics of rack-mounted UPS power supply. Rack-mounted UPS power supply provides more flexible and reliable power protection for equipment with harsh power environment requirements. Rack-type UPS power supply is one of many UPS power supplies. It is mainly used in power supply equipment integrated with centralized power supply in security systems. Rack-type UPS can make the equipment have a better environment and higher stability in the computer room. Rack-type UPS Security power supply just solves the gap in the current market.

Technical characteristics of rack-mounted UPS power supply:

Sine wave output: Whether in mains mode or battery mode, it can output low-distortion sine wave power supply to provide the best power guarantee for the user's load equipment.

Zero conversion time: When the mains power fails or is restored, the rack-mounted UPS switches between mains mode and battery mode without any conversion time, effectively ensuring the reliability of load operation.

High efficiency and energy saving: The rack-mounted UPS has an efficiency of over 90% in battery mode and over 98% in mains mode.

Rack-mounted UPS is small in size, standard 19-inch rack-mounted in width, and only 1U in height, with super capacity and high efficiency.

Rack-mounted UPS saves floor space and space; it is easy to install, use and maintain.

Complete protection functions: Rack-mounted UPS has battery over- and under-voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, output under-voltage alarm, output short circuit, over-temperature and other protection functions.

Input power factor correction: Rack-mounted UPS has input power factor correction function. Under full load, the input power factor can reach more than 0.95, so that the user's power grid environment will not be polluted.

Long-term power supply design: Rack-mounted UPS fully provides long-term power supply for users to choose from. With a suitable battery pack, the user can discharge and use it for about 8 hours to meet the requirements of different power grid environments.

Configuration of standard battery pack: The rack-mounted UPS is equipped with a standard battery pack of the same size as the host (for customer selection). The batteries in the standard battery pack are all high-quality energy storage electrical lithium batteries, which ensure the safety and reliability of the UPS with good battery quality.

Self-check function: The rack-mounted UPS power supply can simulate a power outage and enter battery mode for power supply. This function can be performed at any time through the self-check button on the panel, or it can be performed regularly or irregularly with the SATAUPS monitoring software. .

Okay, the above are the technical characteristics of rack-mounted UPS power supply. The editor just gave a few rough examples. In fact, there are many functions, which you need to explore slowly by yourself.

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