Reasons why data equipment rooms should use rack-mounted inverter power supplies
Reasons why data equipment rooms should use rack-mounted inverter power supplies

Driven by national policies and huge demand, my country's data center computer room business has maintained rapid development, and manufacturing plans have gradually expanded. More and more market demands expect to promote rack-mounted inverter power supplies to larger power plans. In order to It can continuously provide customers with market-competitive products to meet the market demand of data center business. Rack-mounted inverter power supplies are widely used in data centers to ensure uninterrupted normal operation of power. In fact, communication rack-mounted inverters are most suitable for installation in data center computer rooms. Rack-mounted inverter power supplies are indispensable equipment in computer power supply systems. Under the current power supply conditions in our country, it is a piece of equipment that is in special demand. The use of rack-mounted inverter power supply is a technical measure to improve power supply quality. The power supply will not be interrupted when the power is switched, and no severe arc disturbance will occur. The computer will not lose information and data, protecting computer equipment, especially the hard drive, from scratches due to power outages. Therefore, it is very necessary to use a rack-mounted inverter power supply in the computer power supply system. Rack-mounted inverter systems are related to the development of data center computer rooms. In recent years, the rapid development of data centers has promoted the development of all fields of computer rooms. Rack-mounted inverter equipment is like the blood of computer rooms and data centers. Today, Baowit will talk about how rack-mounted inverters are relevant to data center computer rooms. important?

In many computers currently used, their internal power supply systems are equipped with high-speed undervoltage protection circuits. When the grid is undervoltage, the computer relies on the energy in the filter capacitor to keep working. Generally, it can maintain about 10ms. In order to avoid the loss of data in the memory, there must be a power supply that can re-supply power in less than 10ms to ensure the normal operation of the computer system and process the information in the computer in a timely manner. This power supply is convenient It is a so-called rack-mounted inverter power supply. In addition, some inverter power supplies also have a frequency stabilization function, which can solve the problem of excessive instability in the voltage and frequency of the mains grid during normal power supply.

The advantage of rack-mounted inverters is that they take up little space, and the floor space in the computer room is very precious. Every square meter added will increase the cost of each link. The system equipment is required to be scalable, which can not only effectively save the initial investment cost of system manufacturing, but also keep the rack-mounted inverter in a safe and efficient working condition throughout the manufacturing process of the data center, improving the system Value for money. Data centers require more application computing power, faster processing capabilities, and better power efficiency. The growth rate of the data center infrastructure market still maintains a high growth rate, the demand for rack-mounted inverter products is still relatively strong, and there is still considerable room for improvement in market share. If you want products to be more widely used in data centers and computer rooms, there is no need to constantly improve and develop new technologies.

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