Explanation of inverter technical issues
Explanation of inverter technical issues

Lightning protection system: Damage to electrical equipment caused by lightning strikes is common, causing countless losses to production. In order to reduce the losses caused by lightning strikes, the power supply system is equipped with advanced lightning protection units to effectively prevent lightning strikes from harming equipment. The input loop can effectively, reliably and quickly absorb pulse voltages up to 6000VP-P.10US-700US at the input end, thereby ensuring that the output electrical equipment is not affected.
AC and DC isolation inverter technology: The DC system uses a high-frequency, high-efficiency DC isolation converter to electrically isolate the input and output, effectively preventing electric shock accidents, making the grounding problem of the DC system very simple, and making secondary grounding more convenient . The active filtering technology applied to DC greatly reduces the backfeed noise of the system and increases the input voltage of the DC system. The high voltage of the DC/DC high-frequency isolation converter and the APFC high voltage are sent to the inverter in parallel. Therefore, when the mains power is normal, the inverter is powered by AC rectifier, and the DC is in a hot backup state. When the mains power is interrupted or the AC input is abnormal and the protection starts normally, the DC supplies power to the inverter after DC/DC isolation conversion, and is converted into a 220V sine wave voltage output by the inverter. Therefore, whether the mains power is normal or not, The power supply system supplies power to the load through the inverter, so it always outputs a stable frequency and voltage 220V AC voltage, truly achieving uninterrupted operation.
Sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology: The whole machine adopts a full high-frequency design, which has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, high voltage stabilization accuracy, high frequency stability, low distortion, high efficiency, small size, and light weight. The main circuit of the inverter adopts advanced pulse width modulation and triple overcurrent detection technology, which greatly improves the reliability of the inverter, makes the inverter instantly controllable due to non-linear loads, and has good output protection characteristics.
Remote monitoring: With remote monitoring signal output, the real-time working status of the inverter power supply (DC input, AC input, inverter operation, fault signal) can be sent to the control center for monitoring through the switch input port of the data acquisition system. It's clear at a glance.
Hot backup system: Any 2/3 units can be connected to form a 2+1 or 3+1 hot backup system. There is a built-in automatic connection program. Any one can be connected to the output. It is more convenient to install and the system is more reliable.
Strong anti-seismic design: The system adopts anti-seismic technology design, which greatly improves the adaptability of long-distance transportation and vehicle-mounted systems, and effectively reduces the probability of damage.

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