Detailed explanation of pure inverter power supply
Detailed explanation of pure inverter power supply

Pure sine wave inverter power supply is a high-quality power supply system designed specifically for power plants, substations, communications industries, automation control equipment, solar energy, oil fields, wind energy, new energy, etc. Mainly used in places where load equipment has high requirements on power quality. Such as power remote control, RTU, power carrier, monitoring, program-controlled switches, computer rooms, networks, billing, servers and accident lighting places, etc. If the AC input is powered off, the DC panel or external battery cabinet provided by the power system, postal and telecommunications system will provide long-term, uninterrupted power supply to the load equipment through the inverter. If the DC panel is powered off and the inverter is overloaded, or failure, the system will automatically switch to bypass power supply, ensuring the continuity of system power supply. Using inverter power to power important load equipment in places with DC power has the following advantages:

① Avoid repeated investment in battery packs, reduce system maintenance, and reduce system operating costs
② DC panels in power systems and postal and telecommunications systems generally use valve-controlled sealed batteries. Since DC panels have high reliability and long lifespan (10 to 15 years), DC panels are used for power supply, which greatly improves reliability and lifespan. The batteries in conventional UPS are often unmaintained and unmonitored, and it is easy for the battery to be damaged but not discovered in time.
③ Since the DC panel capacity is large, when using inverter power supply, it can still provide AC power supply for a long enough time after the power grid is cut off.

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