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Inverter power supply converts DC power from a battery to AC power. To power a TV, microwave oven, or computer, you can use a DC to AC inverter. These inverters provide power when standard 115-120V AC power is not available (for example, the wall outlet in your home). Simply use a 12-volt battery to connect the device to the inverter. This is a great way to have a portable power source that is easy to use. The pure sine wave inverter has an excellent output waveform with low distortion. Its output waveform is almost identical to the mains AC waveform. Pure sine wave inverters cause little interference with radio, communications and precision equipment and can be adapted to all AC load applications. They also have high efficiency. Pure sine wave inverters produce the same or better sine wave AC power than the grid uses every day. There is no electromagnetic pollution from the grid. This means that the grid can support a wide range of applications with high carrying capacity. It also provides good stability. It can run an average home on the same AC power. When power is available, it can drive most types of appliances. Pure sine wave inverter features 1. High stability: The system is protected against over-voltage and under-voltage, as well as overload, overheat, short circuit, reverse connection and other hazards. This ensures stability. 2. LCD display: LCD display shows battery voltage, output voltage and status parameters. 3. High efficiency conversion: High efficiency, low no-load loss pure sine wave inverter. 4. Digital intelligent control: The core device can be controlled by a powerful microcontroller. The peripheral circuit structure and control method are simple and flexible. This ensures excellent performance and stability. 5. Optional Utility Switching: Utility switching function can be selected to automatically switch the load from the power supply to the utility when the battery voltage is low or the inverter fails, thus maintaining the stability of the system power supply.
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