Reasons why power inverters stop working
Reasons why power inverters stop working

Reasons why power inverters stop working

Like most electronics, inverters typically have two states: working normally and suddenly not working at all. Some internal components fail for some reason, and when you plug it in, nothing happens.

Reasons why power inverters stop working
The bad news is that if your power inverter suddenly stops working, it's probably bad. In this case, it will be more cost-effective to buy a new one than to troubleshoot your existing bad one. The good news is, there are a few things you can check before you throw in the towel.

Does the inverter have power?
Since an inverter works by converting a 12V DC input voltage into 120V AC, it won't work if it doesn't have a good connection to the vehicle's electrical system. So verify that the connections between the inverter and the electrical system, or auxiliary battery if you have one, are solid and the electrical system is in good working order.
If your inverter is plugged into a lighter on the dash or its replacement - the 12v accessory receptacle common on modern days - there are a few things that can cause a 12v receptacle to fail.

Check the socket for obstructions.
Check the outlet for potential shorts caused by metal objects such as paper clips or small coins.
Do not stick any metal objects such as screwdrivers or tweezers into the socket. You may be shocked.
If the outlet is clean, plug in another device to test.
If your inverter is connected to a battery:
Use a special tool to check the power supply and grounding of the frequency converter.
If the drive has no power or ground, check the power and ground wires for corrosion or short circuits.

Check for any in-line fuses or fuse box fuses, if any.
Even if the inverter has power and ground, it may not work if the battery and electrical system are not working properly. Some inverters will warn you with an indicator light or a warning tone when the input voltage is too low, but this may not be the case with your unit. If your battery is dying or your alternator isn't charging properly, fix those issues before you hit the road.

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