3 Tips to Extend UPS Backup Battery Life
3 Tips to Extend UPS Backup Battery Life

Can we change the UPS backup battery ourselves at home? Batteries are vital to the integrity of the UPS system. Most modern UPS systems will perform and monitor battery short-circuit tests on a regular basis, but it is also critical to maintain these systems to ensure they are operating correctly when needed.

3 Tips to Extend UPS Backup Battery Life
Replacing the internal battery is no big deal, we can replace it easily. There are two types of UPS including offline and online UPS. Among the two, it is the offline UPS that we use at home or office and is easy to turn on. There is only one 500 VA or 800 VA battery in the UPS, which is the 12V and 12V 7 Amp UPS batteries.

Install your UPS in a cool, dry location.

Rated battery capacity is based on maximum operating temperature of 77°F (25°C). Any change in this temperature will alter performance and shorten battery life. When installing a UPS, remember to keep in mind every 15 degrees above 77 degrees. UPS battery life expectancy is cut in half. Leave at least two inches of space on each side of the unit to allow for proper air circulation. Do not place the UPS near open windows or areas with high humidity.

②Carry out preventive maintenance.

Without regular maintenance, your UPS equipment battery may develop heating resistance at the terminals, reduced protection capabilities, and premature failure. Preventative maintenance extends battery life by preventing loose connections, eliminating corrosion, and identifying battery damage before it affects your application.

(3) Store replacement batteries correctly.

Keep spare batteries, but do not store them for long periods of time. New batteries can be stored for up to 12 months. If kept too long, their lifespan will be shorter. To maximize battery life, store batteries where temperatures do not exceed 50°F (10°C).

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