Application of power sine wave inverter power supply
Application of power sine wave inverter power supply

The power inverter power supply is a convenient power converter that can convert DC12V direct current into AC220V alternating current, which is the same as the mains power. It can be used by general electrical appliances.
Electric power inverter power supply has a wide range of uses. It can be used in various types of transportation, such as cars, various ships and aircraft. In the field of solar and wind power generation, inverters play an irreplaceable role. The reliability of the power control system is the guarantee for the reliable and efficient operation of the power system and equipment, and the power control system must have a safe and reliable control power supply. In the power system, in order to ensure that the backend computers, substation RTUs, communication equipment, etc. of the substation can work uninterrupted after the AC power outage, engineering practices generally use UPS power supply as the main solution, but UPS power supply has small capacity and expensive price. , high failure rate, heavy maintenance and other shortcomings. Therefore, power sine wave inverter power supply (hereinafter referred to as power inverter) can be used in comprehensive automated substations to replace conventional uninterruptible UPS power supply. Its advantages are as follows:

1. Reduce the operation and maintenance costs of the power inverter system

In the currently operating comprehensive automated substations, there are generally background monitoring microcomputers, and most of the communication equipment are microwaves and fiber optic machines. The working power supply of such monitoring and communication equipment is AC power, and uninterrupted power supply must be achieved to meet the requirements of the four remote areas. , different equipment must be equipped with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and battery pack separately. The inverter power supply installed in the substation can directly use the large-capacity battery of the DC power supply system to provide AC power, which saves investment costs compared to the UPS power supply solution, avoids repeated investment in battery packs, reduces maintenance workload, and reduces costs. Operating costs.

2. Improved power inverter power supply reliability

The DC power supply system installed in the substation has high reliability and long life, so the DC power + inverter solution is adopted. The monitoring function of the DC power supply system and the communication function of the inverter can be used to remotely monitor the inverter power supply in real time. The operating status of the UPS solves the problem that the battery capacity of conventional UPS power supply is small and there is no monitoring, so the battery is prone to damage and cannot be discovered in time. Due to the large capacity of the battery in the DC power supply system of the substation, the uninterrupted power supply time of skin care products is greatly extended after the power grid is cut off. It truly plays the role of a security power supply and improves its power supply reliability.

3. Improved the safety of power supply from power inverter

The power inverter is a new generation of DC/AC power supply product. The input is 220V DC and the output is 220V, 50Hz sine wave AC. The input and output ends are completely isolated from the mains, which avoids the impact of mains fluctuations on the load and fully meets the variable requirements. The power station substation RTU, communication equipment, microcomputers and other equipment have requirements for working power supply, and are completely isolated from the mains. It can also avoid power board burnout accidents caused by overvoltage such as lightning, and improve the safety of the load.

Due to the ultra-isolated output, super anti-interference ability, and powerful communication functions of the new generation DC/AC power inverter, the DC power + inverter solution is used in rural comprehensive automated substations, which has better operating economy. performance, reliability and safety, truly realizing unattended monitoring requirements for the equipment’s working power supply.

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