Development of inverter power supply digital control technology
Development of inverter power supply digital control technology

With the development of information technology, inverter power supplies are more and more widely used in banking, securities, military, medical, aerospace and other fields. The early inverter power supplies only required that their outputs could be uninterrupted, voltage stabilized, and frequency stabilized. .

However, in addition to these requirements, today's inverter power supply must also be environmentally friendly and pollution-free, that is, a green and environmentally friendly inverter power supply. At the same time, with the development of network technology, higher requirements have been put forward for the network function of inverter power supply.
High-performance inverter power supply must meet:
①High input power factor, low output impedance;
②Shaanxi speed’s transient response and high steady-state accuracy;
③High concealment, high efficiency and high reliability;
④Electromagnetic interference from Di;
⑥Perfect network functions. Obviously, the realization of these requirements cannot be achieved without digital control technology.

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