Let’s talk about inverter power supply
Let’s talk about inverter power supply

At present, high-power AC equipment in domestic telecommunications systems generally uses UPS as a reliable power supply solution. Inverter power supply has not become the main AC power supply equipment in telecommunications systems. The main reason is that the traditional inverter power supply system has small capacity, poor parallel connection, lack of supporting options, etc., and cannot fully reflect the application advantages of the inverter. , but the role of inverter power supply in mobile power supply is crucial. With the rapid development of urban life, various mobile specialty snacks on the streets have become a part of people's lives, such as freshly ground hot soy milk, fried skewers, fast food, etc. These all require 220V AC, either for heating or To drive the motor, however, there are few ready-made AC220s on the street, or the price of electricity is very expensive, ranging from 1-2 yuan/kWh to 4-5 yuan/kWh; it brings great costs to mobile merchants. Pressure, or AC220, it will be troublesome to change places.

The inverter can provide users with the mains power needed for electrical appliances under special circumstances, and is also convenient for users to carry. However, not all inverters can meet the needs of users, so you need to know how to choose the right inverter!

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