High reliability of communication inverter power supply
High reliability of communication inverter power supply

Reliability is the primary indicator of the communication inverter power supply equipment, and the uninterrupted communication must be guaranteed by the communication power supply first.

The reliability of the rack inverter reflects the comprehensive technical level of the equipment, including components, materials, circuit technology, thermal design, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) design, manufacturing process, quality control, etc. The reliability index put forward by our country in the "General Technical Requirements for the Power System of the Communication Bureau Station" is: during the operation of the system, the mean time between failures (TMTBF) should not be less than 5 × 10"h. With the development of communication equipment, this requirement is also The standard should be further improved, so the concept of availability is introduced. The difference between availability and reliability is that: reliability R refers to the probability that the equipment will not fail within a specified time; availability A refers to the effective operation of the equipment within the specified time. percentage of time.


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