What are the power supply and distribution methods of the power generation station?
What are the power supply and distribution methods of the power generation station?

1. Power supply method
The power supply system has a centralized power supply mode and a decentralized power supply mode. Sometimes the two methods are mixed, mainly determined by the load usage.

Centralized power supply: Dynacloud, transmission wires, control devices, loads, etc. are relatively concentrated in one area to complete a certain work. For example: emergency mobile communication vehicles, power generation, transmission, and electricity use all work within a limited range.

Distributed power supply: Compared with the centralized power supply mode, the power supply and the load operate in a decentralized manner, and the power supply equipment has a load independent of other power supply equipment. For example, for the power supply of a mobile communication system in a certain area, the power supply is not together with each station, especially the stations that use electricity, which are arranged in a decentralized manner according to needs, which is characterized by "scattering".
1. The inverter power supply is scattered, and the multi-channel power supply supplies power to the system
2. The load is dispersed, and various electrical equipment uses electricity everywhere
3. The biggest advantage of the decentralized power supply system is that the system correlation is small, or that each point has little influence on each other, so the overall reliability of the system is high.

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