How do inverter generators achieve these amazing functions?
How do inverter generators achieve these amazing functions?

The key factor is the inverter module inside it, as the inverter controls the speed of the internal combustion engine according to the electrical load, thus significantly reducing fuel consumption and achieving high efficiency. In contrast, conventional generators spin at a fixed full speed and are suitable for low power or high power capacity loads.

So a conventional 5kW generator will consume about the same fuel to run a 200 watt lamp and a 4kW load, as it will spin at full speed in both cases, whereas a variable frequency generator that is variable speed according to the power demand characteristics will consume less Much more fuel, if it's a 200 watt lamp, that's the concept!

Therefore, the inverter generator is a portable, light weight, small size and very clean output generator.

The above is the advantages of the "inverter power supply" inverter and the relevant content of portable design. Thank you for reading, you can pay attention to the official website of Shenzhen Bwitt Power Co., Ltd.

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