Inverter with lead-acid battery or lithium battery
Inverter with lead-acid battery or lithium battery

Lead-acid batteries have the advantages of stable voltage, cheap price, simple maintenance, stable quality and high reliability, so lead-acid batteries have long occupied the battery choice of products that need to use high-capacity batteries before lithium batteries come out.

In addition to consumers who see immediate costs in the market, there are naturally consumers who focus on long-term benefits. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have longer service life, higher energy ratio, smaller volume, and safety and environmental protection lithium batteries are also better than lead-acid batteries. Therefore, the market for lithium inverter is also available, but its price is more expensive than that of lead-acid battery inverter.



However, lead-acid batteries have disadvantages such as large size, short service life, frequent daily maintenance, and high risk of leakage of internal constituent materials. After the development of lithium batteries, their application fields are gradually replaced by lithium batteries. But the batteries inside many inverters are lead-acid batteries. Because the battery is cheap and stable, it still occupies a large share in the market. Merchants also want to make money, and some consumers also want to buy inverters that can meet basic requirements at a lower price. So the market for lead-acid inverters still exists.

Therefore, is it better to use lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries for inverters? Manufacturers have different types of inverters, and if you choose lithium batteries and focus on high quality and long cycle life, you should accept expensive costs. If budget and cost are your main concerns, you can opt for lead-acid batteries.

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