Pull together for one goal
Pull together for one goal

In this era, there will always be some very simple people. They have feelings for their work, warmth and reliability. It seems that they have a natural sense of mission in what they can do, or maybe they always deliberately challenge their own limits at work. Pursue self-improvement. Conquer what seems impossible.

Recently, because of the middle of the year, many customers have to rush to ship. According to the previous production plan, the delivery can be successfully completed, but due to the recent rain, many outdoor power products have been greatly reduced in life after being soaked in rain. Many orders for inverter power supplies suddenly need to be shipped as soon as possible, and a lot of time is shortened. Therefore, in special circumstances and special treatment, Baoweit thinks what customers think and is anxious for customers' needs, and arranges all employees to support the production line. Only by participating in practice and operation can we better understand the mission of the inverter.


There is a Russian customer who is in a hurry to make the goods before 618 and inspect them. Temporary plans make the entire production process more difficult, so many of our colleagues are actively involved in this overtime. In order to better complete the delivery of customer products, some colleagues often take the initiative to work overtime until late at night.
They come from different positions, including administration, business personnel, and operations. There are handsome guys and beautiful women. In order to fulfill the customer's order as scheduled, they not only gave up the time to rest, but also gave up the time to accompany their families and children. Together with our production partners, they help each other and cooperate with each other.

I asked a colleague yesterday while working overtime. You have been working overtime for more than a month this month, why don't you take a break? She said, "I have a lot of work every day, I am very tired, and I really want to rest. But the customer can't wait. Only when we complete the shipment as soon as possible and the customer receives the goods will they think that my work is completed. So now I need support the most or go. Although tired, busy work can always make people full and happy. All the efforts and efforts are not only done for the sake of completing the work, but also because of love and responsibility. I am a responsible person and I have done it. I have a clear conscience, and I am always happy to create value for the company and customers."


Among them, some of them have grown from handsome guys to a stable and mature "uncle", and some of them have grown from little girls who are not doing more things to "girls" who stand on their own. People say that a person is most charming when he does things seriously. Whether in daily work or in the days of overtime, every colleague around me is conscientious, hard-working, dedicated and responsible every day. This spirit of fighting for the company and for the customer has a unique "hormone" that attracts everyone around us. Even the customers were moved, and they prepared fruits and snacks for us, so I was very excited when I thought about it.


From the beginning, the passion is undiminished. Not every effort will pay off, but every gain requires effort. For the sake of the company and for our self-improvement, all of us still have to learn more knowledge and skills in our spare time, and devote ourselves to doing our work better." I believe that what should come will always come back, do the things today, and meet the better self in the future.



Let the hard-working people enjoy the taste, and the hard-working people benefit,
Let the promising people have a place, and let the dreamers realize their dreams.
Baoweit, it is with the hard work and dedication of countless people like this that the career will grow stronger and the road will become wider and wider! Cheers to these people for their dedication, responsibility and hard work!

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