STS dual-channel power conversion module
STS dual-channel power conversion module

The Bwitt power supply STS series is designed to ensure that users can perform uninterrupted switching between two AC power supplies under the condition of dual UPS (or two mains power supply, etc.) to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the load. The STS module is a redundant system composed of two completely independent power supplies. Using the STS power static transfer switch is a simple and effective solution. The STS module developed by our company is used to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your sensitive equipment. STS adopts the latest power technology and advanced digital control. It is mainly composed of intelligent control board and high-speed thyristor to provide users with the best solution. .

The static transfer switch is a dual-input transfer switch. Normally, one channel is connected and the other is disconnected. A UPS supplies power to the load. When the UPS supplying one channel fails, the STS automatically disconnects the originally connected channel, connects the originally disconnected channel, and connects the load to the other power supply.

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