The difference between rotary UPS and static UPS
The difference between rotary UPS and static UPS

The full name of UPS is Uninterruptible Power System, which is an AC uninterruptible power supply system. From the perspective of the development history of UPS, it has experienced from the rotating working mode to the UPS that is widely used in the static conversion working mode.

The difference between rotary UPS and static UPS
Rotary UPS is mainly composed of rectifier, battery, DC motor, inertia flywheel, alternator and diesel (gasoline) engine. When AC mains power is supplied, it is converted into DC power through the rectifier to supply power to the DC motor, and drives the inertia flywheel and the alternator to supply power to the load.

When the AC mains is interrupted, the mechanical energy storage of the inertial flywheel will continue to drive the alternator to rotate and supply power. At this time, the diesel engine is started using the time of energy storage and power supply. When the speed of the diesel engine is stable and equal to the speed of the alternator, it will turn to The diesel engine drives the alternator to power the load. This kind of UPS power supply system is huge and noisy. During normal operation, it is converted from electrical energy to mechanical energy, and then from mechanical energy to electrical energy, which greatly reduces the conversion efficiency of the system. This UPS can still meet the requirements of load power consumption under the technical level at that time.

With the development of modern electronic technology, many AC electrical equipment has put forward higher requirements on the quality and reliability of power supply. At the same time, with the rapid development of power electronics and high-power conversion technology, new high-power switching devices and integrated circuit controllers with superior performance and complete functions continue to emerge. Professionals engaged in power electronics continue to develop and mass-produce products that can meet the High-quality and high-reliability static UPS for modern automation control, communication and operation and management of various networks.

The static UPS has a completely different working principle from the rotary UPS. The biggest difference is that the static UPS does not have a mechanical energy conversion link, but is directly converted from direct current or AC mains of poor quality to meet the requirements of AC electrical equipment. high-quality power supply.

The static UPS can be divided into three types according to its working mode between the mains and the load, namely online, backup and interactive. The online UPS basically occupies the dominant position of UPS products in terms of working principle, circuit composition, technical level and use method.

The following mainly introduces the working principle, circuit composition, use method and related product standards and test methods of the online UPS. At the same time, the working principle, characteristics and use of the interactive UPS are briefly introduced.

The above is the difference between the rotary UPS and the static UPS, there is not all the content of the mechanical energy conversion link. Thank you for your browsing, you can bookmark the official website of Shenzhen BWITT Power Co., Ltd.

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