Why choose to install an energy storage inverter?
Why choose to install an energy storage inverter?

Why choose to install an energy storage inverter?

In energy storage projects, key equipment such as inverters and batteries constitute the core unit of the system.
Increase the proportion of self-use. During the day, the electricity generated by photovoltaic is used by the load, and the excess electricity is stored in the battery; at night, the photovoltaic does not generate electricity, and the electricity from the battery is used by the load, so as to achieve the purpose of not using the grid or using less grid power.

When the grid is out of power or when the grid is unstable, it can automatically switch to the battery-powered mode. This switching time is very short (UPS effect), and the load can continue to be used.

The effect of two-way energy storage-photovoltaics can charge the battery, and the same grid electricity can also charge the battery (when the electricity bill is low); in this way, the battery can be used to adjust the peak-to-valley price difference or used as a backup power source.

It can also be used in the case of pure off-grid work to drive a load with a certain power level to work.
BWITT inverters can be selected for household energy storage inverters and pure sine wave inverters, which are safe and reliable, can adapt to any type of load, and are convenient and practical



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