Why do high-frequency pure sine wave inverters need to dissipate heat?
Why do high-frequency pure sine wave inverters need to dissipate heat?

1. The components in the inverter have a rated operating temperature. If the heat dissipation performance of the inverter is relatively poor, when the inverter continues to work, the heat of the components has been collected in the cavity, and the temperature will become more and more. high. Excessive temperature will reduce the performance and life of components, and the machine is prone to failure.

2. The inverter generates heat when it is working, and power loss is unavoidable. For example, a 5kW inverter has a system heat loss of about 75-125W, which affects the power generation. Requires optimized heat dissipation design to reduce heat dissipation loss.

2. Several ways to dissipate heat from the inverter

At present, the heat dissipation technology of the inverter includes natural cooling, forced air cooling, liquid cooling and so on. The main application forms are natural cooling and forced air cooling.

1. Natural heat dissipation: Natural heat dissipation means that no external auxiliary energy is used to allow local heating devices to dissipate heat to the surrounding environment to achieve temperature control. Natural heat dissipation is suitable for low-power devices that do not require high temperature control.

2. Forced air cooling: The cooling method of forced heat dissipation is mainly a method of taking away the heat emitted by the device by means of a fan. At present, the material of the radiator is mainly aluminum or copper.

At present, bwitt's inverter heat dissipation is mainly forced air-cooled fan to dissipate heat, which is currently the most effective heat dissipation method, which can make the service life of the inverter power supply longer.

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